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Ayurvedic Doctors


Ayurvedic Doctors is the driving force behind the clinic. Renuka Siddhapura brings experience of generations of ayurvedic practice and is the chief physician at the facility. At Ahmedabad Ayurvedic Treatment Center, Ayurvedic Doctors not only aim for curing the diseased but for an overall well being of the individual. All the Ayurvedic Doctors procedures are under the supervision of B.A.M.S qualified doctors & done by well qualified Ayunature Care Clinic from Ahmedabad. Ayunature Care Clinic offers unique holistic programmes for “Panchakarma” and “Wellness”. These are very effective for the purification and rejuvenation of the body and mind. Both the Panchakarma and Wellness Packages include participation in Yoga, Meditation, and a properly balanced Diet. Each of these activities contributes to the overall healing and rejuvenation process, working on multiple levels of the individual, to give a thorough cleansing and healing effect on the body, mind and soul.

Ayunature Care Clinic

Ayurvedic Doctors maintain strict quality control over Ayurvedic treatment practices and management of patient's expectation. Ayunature Care Clinic have a team of senior doctors, including Ayurvedic Doctors, Director Renuka Siddhapura, who ensure that the highest standard of treatment protocols are met by all the doctors at the Jiva Medical & Research Center and all our clinics. A senior panel of doctors who directly report to Dr. Renuka Siddhapura is responsible for handling critical and challenging cases. They also ensure that special attention is given to patients in critical cases. Ayunature Care Clinic also maintains a team of doctors who specialize in handling different types of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, arthritis, skin diseases and sexual disorders among others.

AyurvedicDoctors in ailments such as Joint pains, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Diabetes, Dispositions, Asthma, Neurological disorders, Migraine, partial paralysis, etc. Only a personal examination of the patient by an Ayurvedic Physician will determine the actual diagnosis and then the course of treatment is determined. Dr. Renuka Siddhapura, Doctor of Ayunature Care Clinic, practices the full range of Ayurvedic, including PANCHA KARMA therapy, a form of massage dealing with medicated oils that treats a wide range of ailments and medical conditions. As per Ayurvedic Doctors experts, a perfect balance in three of them is the secret to young looking and staying healthy. With many people trying to look young and glowing, various companies have come up with an effective line of products which claim to give you younger looking skin and have anti-aging properties. However, those products are usually made of chemicals and are highly harmful to your skin on a long run. Instead of using Ayurvedic Doctors products you can try the Ayunature Care Clinic way and herbal anti-aging treatment is accepted worldwide by numerous people. In addition to that, Ayunature Care Clinic is a very well-known way of treatment various types of diseases and conditions. There are three areas in a person’s body on which Ayunature Care Clinic concentrates- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. 

Ayurvedic doctors have welcomed Defence Ministry’s move to implement alternative medicine in Army hospitals and urged the Ministry to remove certain hindrances in the decision. According to the Ayurvedic Doctors Association, the present decision allowing Ayurvedic treatment to only “terminally ill patients” does not exploit the full potential of Ayurvedic treatment which should be available for treating other ailments too. Ayurvedic doctors, who are dominated by allopathic stream doctors, vehemently opposed the implementation of alternative medicine treatments in forces for decades even after several court orders. Ayurvedic doctors decided to allow use of alternative medicines and treatment for certain ailments in coordination with Renuka Siddhapura. Further, by restricting Ayurvedic doctors to terminal illness care, where Allopathy has failed, the potential of Ayurvedic system of medicine shall not be utilized in full. Ayurvedic Doctors should be used where it has most potential such as in degenerative diseases, repeated stress injuries suffered by soldiers, immune modulatory effects, mental stress, rehabilitation, etc.” said Dr Renuka Siddhapura, general secretary, Ayunature Care Clinic Association of Ahmedabad in a statement.

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Ayurvedic Doctors in Ahmedabad | Ayunature Care Clinic | Dr. Renuka Siddhapura

Ayurvedic Doctors
Ayurveda is ultimately a getting better framework which considers the material structure, passionate nature, also eerie splendor of brains inwards the aim of outlook of the whole universe. Ayurveda is production a compelling equalization of the tridoshas taking part in the person body. We on Ayunature Care Clinic by means of other than 7 several days of involvement realistically dialogue inside customary from way back sphere of self-consideration! Exploration of Ayurveda has a moderate sphere album during effective on, showcasing afterward assembling of Ayurvedic items. Ayurvedic Doctors go defensible customary ayurvedic treatment, prescriptions, items, courses along with wellbeing conferences. We equally confer eerie conference, contemplation plus Yoga curriculum indoors India. 

The gathering has earned the hope with certainty of a wide come to of clients entirely more than India furthermore abroad. We are the pioneers during management Ayunature Care Clinic, Villa, Spas also Centers far and wide during the world. Without a break the rotten try with the intention of you are sentence the Ayurveda Doctors inside Ahmedabad India afterward Ayunature Care Clinic is the great catch sight of used for it. Dr. Renuka Siddhapura is India’s lone of the superlative Ayurvedic specialists who holiday worldwide like an Ayurvedic Doctors. And a goal near difference kick arranged this earth not later than assembly the all-purpose populace going on it upbeat, firm with superb in the course of the face of the world’s superlative Ayurvedic Doctors. 

"We by Ayunature CareClinic be supposed to exertion each and every one concerning each and every one in vogue an practiced circumstances with opening out member of staff appeal proceeding the entire levels charge inwards brain the side goal near accomplish the uttered property destinations". Ayunature Care Clinic's item Ayurvedic Doctors arrived Ahmedabad are actual a good deal skilled with every all over set at home bountiful Ayurvedic Doctors. essence dependence continuously the Wellness art of Ayurveda en route for engender, assemble next hold shape every part of due to the planet after that security of the realness of the Science. toward manufacture optimistic Ayunature Care Clinic is one of the finest care hub modish the country moreover it has superlative Ayurvedic Doctors furthermore additionally above the orb next proposal the beneficial position then compensation of Ayurveda among individuals, construction it an unchallengeable case of their method of life. 

Ayurvedic Doctors
Ayunature Care Clinic offers different next topmost of the occupation the whole surrounding projects meant for well being along with Panchkarma. These projects are roundabout designed for the resuscitation afterward sanitization of the consciousness plus body. The open by means of Ayunature Care Clinic incorporates Meditation, Yoga, medicinal song plus dreadfully a good deal adjusted Diet. The management alternatives simple on the inner chips not here on the a number of levels of a man's stiff bringing sought after harmony linking his psyche, most of it moreover soul. Ayurveda is a childhood years science, which began clothed in India as a consequence is rehearsed in the direction of accomplish finish wellbeing within the four quests in favor of soul sparkle (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha). Moksha (salvation) is ideas toward take place an ultimate objective of a man.

"Ayurveda" is completed made known of the terminology "Ayu" moreover 'Veda'. Veda implies legally binding culture moreover Ayu implies vivacity which is shaped of Shareera (Body), Indria (Sensory organs), Satwa (Manas) also Atma (Soul), synonymous plus Dhaari – Jeevitham – Nityaga with Anubandha.

Ayurvedic Doctors
Ayurveda is renowned when Upaveda wearing the Atharvaveda. On behalf of the welfare of people, Brahma, the Creator, retained the investigation of Ayurveda plus educated it just before Daksha Prajapathi, Ashwini Kumar afterward Indra. Next to to facilitate place it was educated on the way to the legendary sages, Bharadwaja, Dhanwanthari, Kashyapa, Nimi also a combine others. Also, next to these ranks the existence discipline plummeted en route for Earth, was refined with arranged in the lead seeing that Ashtangaayurveda. Ayurveda is a curative care for instance greatly equally a protective one. It is planned just before anticipate with get hold of anti illnesses. " Swastasya Swastya rakshana Aturasya Vikara Prashamana."

The Prakruti moreover Purusha are in cooperation in the vein of the existing stiff "Shatdhatwatmaka purusha" (Panchamaha Bhootha in addition to Aatma). The quantitative, subjective as a consequence useful weighing machine of dosha(Tridoshas), dhatu(Sapta dhatu), mala(Tri mala), Agni (Trayodashaagni) moreover charm of Aatma manaha along with indriya is renowned to the same extent "Swasthya" (physical also mental affluence otherwise wellbeing). The in sequence of the critical plus useful units of the body, its primary parts, its proportions, its transformative procedures, its bond in the direction of character moreover the judge with the intention of authority the wellbeing, are comprehended including the education of Padartha Vignyan.

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The summary of learning with respect to the presence of human life and life span of human life is known as Ayurveda. Where life is concerned, Ayurveda imagines human presence at the three levels to be specific otherworldly, mental and physical levels. Where life span is worried, notwithstanding the above levels, the two intelligent levels are considered to be specific the social and natural levels. The two intelligent levels are practically expecting the jolt living being reaction circle. So Ayurveda details human life on the premise of the above concerns.

The vacillations in the natural beat regarding the huge numbers of psychosomatic action and the expanded diminished and debased exercises of faculties and physical body will bring about sicknesses and the adjusted movement of the above will bring about wellbeing.
The organic cadence and the psychosomatic movement have been showed at smaller scale and large scale levels as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in the physical level and Satwa, Rajas and Thamas in the mental level. So aggravation in the above will bring about ailments and adjust will bring about wellbeing. All Ayurvedic wellbeing and remedial solutions are centered on getting adjust the psychosomatic level.
The Vedas and the Upanishads are the early wellsprings of therapeutic data. The Vedic data's are satisfactory to the cutting edge therapeutic culture in light of its uniqueness in medicinal innovation and all encompassing methodology in human wellbeing and ailment administration. 

Ayurveda is age-old Indian medicinal framework and the main all encompassing arrangement of recuperating known to the humanity. Ayurveda is the rich storage facility of time tried and viable helpful systems and definitions for the treatment of a few headstrong and generally hopeless maladies. These particular treatments and details, while curing maladies, reinforce the invulnerable framework in the body and in this way help in the anticipation of ailments and conservation and advancement of positive wellbeing.
ElaKizhi (PatraPotaliSwedan)/Medicinal leaves/herbsgroups:
It is a sort of swedana (sudation )treatment in which the entire body or a particular part by the use of restorative leaves puddings (therapeutic leaves are cut into little pieces and handled in the cured oils) remotely as boluses tied up in muslin pack, dunking it in warm sedated oils. This is accomplished for 45 minutes day by day for a time of 07 to 14 days. Fine powder of restorative herbs is likewise utilized. This treatment is viable in ceaseless back agony and rheumatic grievances, Arthritis, loss of motion, torment and swelling in the joints and gauntness of appendages. It animates and fortifies the apprehensive and solid frameworks, builds the flow and metabolic rate, decreases firmness and torment, enhances the skin tone.

Njavara Kizhi (Pinda swedam):
In the wake of applying the sedated oil over the entire body or a particular part, the restorative rice (Njavarayari) and the base of Sida retusa concentrate are handled with drain and to be made as glue and apply over the entire body or a particular part alongside back rub. This is accomplished for 60 to 90 minutes day by day for 07 to 14 days. This treatment renders qualities to nerves and muscles and filters blood and is useful for a wide range of ailment, joint torment, skinniness of appendages, hypertension, cholesterol, loss of motion, sciatica, and certain sorts of skin infections and it enhances general body shortcoming, the skin shading and appearance.

This is a helpful procedure in which tepid cured oil is poured everywhere throughout the body in a uniform cadenced manner constantly in particular heading alongside synchronous tender back rubs for 60 to 90 minutes day by day for 07 to 21 days. This treatment is compelling for rheumatic sicknesses like joint inflammation, loss of motion, shortcoming of strong and sensory systems and sexual shortcoming.

Sedated tepid oil is permitted to hold over the set out toward around a hour inside a cowhide top fitted around the head. This treatment is exceptionally viable in facial loss of motion, waterfall, deafness, ear infection, incessant migraine, sleep deprivation, psychosomatic anxiety and different ailments that beset the cranial nerves. It invigorates the sensory system and advances mental fixation.

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Why need to use ayurvedic treatment?

Ayunature Care Clinic as a theory that conveys wellbeing to body, psyche and soul. "Ayurveda" deciphers, in Sanskrit, as "learning of life," and its view that illuminates an arrangement of infection and cure as identified with the general wellbeing of a man. Ayurvedic Doctors is grounded in a transcendentalism of the 'five awesome Elements' (Devanagari: earth, water, fire, air and ether) — all of which create the Universe, including the human body.

Ayurveda speaks to the investigation of life. Ayurveda is comprehensive Vedic convention of India, which is an arrangement of prescription in view of the mending force of nature. It is an endeavor to discover the reason for ailments by comprehension the body, psyche and sprit of the patient. For the most part Ayurvedic Doctors utilizes an assortment of treatments, for example, - Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Asav-Arishta, Oil, Fasting, Mud - Water, Yoga, Acupressure and so forth.

Ayunature Care Clinic which offers certifiable Ayurvedic treatment with immaculate Herbal Medicines. We utilize self arranged conventional details. A few times sorts out Medical camps, Educational workshops and projects on Ayurveda - Naturopathy - Vastu - Herbals. Male pattern baldness is a typical worry among men and ladies alike and is activated by an assortment of variables from eating routine to your DNA's organization. Monitoring your hair and the procedures in which you can best ensure it will add life span to your hair and your joy. Find data on the sorts of hair burdens and discover resolutions for them straightforwardly from the specialists. Look smart with some cheeky cosmetics tips. Become more acquainted with about body workmanship, healthy skin, hairdos, preparing, most recent magnificence medications and celeb excellence insider facts.

Weight administration is vital to keep up a sound way of life, particularly for individuals who are underweight. In the event that you too have a place with the underweight class, we should help you increase some solid fat. Find all that you may requirement for sound and successful weight put on including exhortation on weight pick up eating routine, practices for weight pick up, weight pick up supplements by Ayurvedic Doctors of the Ayunature Care Clinic. Weight reduction does not happen without exertion. Here's your manual for weight reduction, including all weight reduction tips, abstain from food for weight reduction, practices for weight reduction and tips for weight reduction. Taking after an eating routine arrangement for weight reduction is insufficient, so we have brought weight reduction inspiration and what it takes to get in shape effectively in a brisk time. Weight reduction won't appear to be hard and far away with the guidance for weight reduction.

Understanding diabetes issues or knowing diabetes in grown-ups inside and out has turned into the need of great importance with aggregate number of diabetes cases shooting up each day. Remembering this, we have devoted a whole Diabetes Mellitus area portraying all that you have to think about diabetes thoroughly including diabetes side effects, diabetes causes, diabetes treatment and diabetes. 

You may have heard it million time how adhering to a good diet keeps you fit as a fiddle, heart sound, cerebrum sharp other than life span boosting benefits. Here's a far reaching adhering to a good diet direct, which gives tips on hunger control, how to cook sound, picking right nourishments, most ideal approaches to eat sustenance’s, right eating routine for your age or calling and significantly more. Eat solid on the everyday schedule to avoid normal specialist visit, support your resistance and stay aware of the requests of occupied way of life. Additionally look at the interminable good dieting choices to make eating fun and simple.

A sound and fit body is the genuine core for having a solid life. A sound individual is frequently portrayed as somebody who has a decent eating routine and is getting fit with work out. We plan to convey you simply the right data to help you by giving you wellness tips, practice tips and tips for better wellness to make you a sound individual. Get finish data on various sorts of activities and wellness tips, workout tips and a great deal more. Resolve all your wellness related inquiries through appropriate direction from the best specialists. 

Ayunature Care Clinic was fused in 2001 under Maharishi's Global Plan. It is an extensive and logical arrangement of regular social insurance under the immediate motivation of his blessedness Dr. Renuka Siddhapura. It is the entire restoration of the custom of Ayurveda which comes to us from the antiquated vedic human progress of India. The objectives of Ayunature Care Clinic are to save wellbeing, along these lines making an illuminated individual and an illness free society. It is proper to say that Ayunature Care Clinic is an examination based association and a large number of its items have experienced Research/clinical trials in India and additionally abroad. Dr. Renuka Siddhapura is a standout amongst the most widely investigated Ayurvedic arrangements with greatly reassuring results from Ahmedabad, India.

Ayurveda is the "Upveda" of "Atharvaveda" and Vedas as we as a whole know are the most primitive and soonest/beginning wellspring of learning on this planet. The word Ayurveda = "Ayu" + "Veda" is self explainatory. "Ayu" implies life and "Vedas" implies science. It is the science which includes the substance of life. The standards of impeccable living were laid by "Brahma" the maker, which are unchallengeable. All the four points of life as expounded in the Vedas viz. dharma, artha, kama and moksha can be accomplished just with Aarogya ie., infection free/sound life. 

Ayurveda is a one of a kind science which manages the Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Intellectual parts of human life. It fuses the learning of typical Physiology and Pathological conditions of life in subtle elements. The knowledge of this science is ocean profound. It keeps up that the objects of life science ought to be i.e. the principal point is to keep up the wellbeing of the solid individual and besides, to give cure and treatment of the obsessive conditions and alleviate humanity of its sufferings.